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Workshop & BoF Program Now Published

In addition to the three days of presentations, the DesktopSummit 2011 in Berlin will host a number of Workshops & BoFs. In these sessions, contributors to the Free Desktop come together face-to-face to discuss and work on current issues.

The schedule of the pre-registered sessions has now been published. In addition, participants can start registering and scheduling their own sessions, and two big dedicated "hacking rooms" have also been set aside for casual work.

T-Shirt Design Chosen

Attendees in charcoal and Team in red

After much thought the Desktop Summit Team chose a design by Nuno Pinheiro for the official conference T-Shirt.

We greatly appreciate the amount of work put into their designs by everyone who submitted a design.

The T-Shirts will be on sale at the info desk during the conference.

Intel, Collabora and SUSE to be main sponsors of the Desktop Summit

We are pleased to announce that the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin will be supported by Intel as Platinum sponsor. The event also welcomes Collabora and SUSE as Gold partners. The organization is delighted with the community spirit of these generous corporate partners. Mirko Boehm, Lead organizer of the Desktop Summit, said: "Their support is essential for the Desktop Summit's efforts to bring together Free Software developers from all around the world to work in a collaborative spirit on the next generation desktop technology."

Community Keynote Interview: Stuart Jarvis

What is the outcome of a creative idea that does not get shared? Silent innovations might be good on paper, but unless people know about them they might become nothing, projects remaining unrealized. All successful products need promotion; FOSS is no exception.

That's what Stuart Jarvis does for free software: he helps make it something. An editor for The Dot and a member of the KDE promotion team, Stuart devotes time to making sure developments in the KDE community are not just public, but news. Free software collaboration doesn't just need coders for technical nuts and bolts; it also needs people marketing and communicating effectively so that potential users can learn about it.

Stuart has been supplying editorial support and an active face for KDE through various outlets. However keeping up with the flow of information can be tough, especially when at the same time you're working on a PhD in geochemistry.

Stuart told William Carlson a little about how he does it, and gave his views from inside the FOSS world.

Intel AppUp Application Lab: MeeGo Series

The DesktopSummit 2011 team is pleased to announce the Intel AppUpSM Application Lab: MeeGo Series. The session will take place at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany as part of the Desktop Summit. Intel® is the Platinum Sponsor of the Summit.

Keynote Interview: Dirk Hohndel

Continuing in a series of interviews with the Desktop Summit 2011's keynote speakers, this past week William Carlson traded emails with Dirk Hohndel of Intel, who will give the Summit's August 6 opening keynote address.

As a hacker-turned-businessman, Hohndel brings a business perspective of free software to the Desktop Summit. Currently Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist at Intel, Hohndel will talk about the role that large companies play in open source, and how the open source community can work effectively with them.

Hohndel has been an active developer and contributor in the Linux space since its earliest days, and has worked professionally in the SuSE and XFree86 projects. Still an active contributor in many open source projects and organizations, Hohndel joined Intel in 2001.

Call for Volunteers

The Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin, Germany Needs Your Help

Are you attending the Desktop Summit? Are you interested in helping the GNOME and KDE communities organize this year's Summit? Do you want to work with other Free Software enthusiasts to make the Desktop Summit rock? Would you like to own one of the exclusive Desktop Summit Team T-Shirts?

Then please sign up as a volunteer! We need a lot of volunteers and a variety of skills for all kinds of tasks:

Keynote Interview: Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland, user experience guru, will be a featured keynote speaker at this summer's Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin.

Claire is Head of Research for Fjord London, an international digital service design agency and has worked extensively in user experience research and design. Recently her focus has been on a shift in user experience from the desktop toward services delivered through multiple platforms of widely differing form factors and the cloud. Her research and recommendations relate to what this shift means for what users expect from their devices, and what effective design, across platforms and the cloud, looks like. It also addresses what users increasingly care about the most, and what this might mean for Operating System design.

Registration for Workshops & BoFs Now Open

The Desktop Summit will have an exciting program of talks. But the most important part of the conference are the Workshops & BoFs. This is the part of the conference where the participants get together, discuss and work on the future of the Free Desktop.

The registration of sessions has now opened, and pre-registration is possible until July 3rd.

Reserve accommodation at conference rates soon

A number of Berlin hotels have kindly offered us a conference rate for accommodation, available until the end of June. We'd really like to see conference attendees concentrated in a small number of hotels, so if you haven't already done so, please consider registering for the conference and reserving accommodation before the deadlines for the following hotels: