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GUADEC and Akademy are known for being the place to go to discuss developing free and open souce desktop technologies. The two events, co-located in a Desktop Summit, are expected to attract more than 1200 key people: software developers, members of the press, business people and government staff from around the world.

Akademy and GUADEC both have very high rates of return for annual attendees as well as sponsors. Users of GNOME and KDE desktops come for a first hand glimpse of the latest features as well as a peek into the future. Business and government attend Akademy and GUADEC to discuss deploying the software and evaluate the merits of open source software platforms. Developers of GNOME and KDE and 3rd party applications that use GNOME and KDE technologies come together and exchange ideas about the latest technologies.

The Desktop Summit will play host to different fields of interest within the IT community, including desktop development, ISV application development, multimedia, digital art, networking, communications, wireless, mobile and embedded devices, databases, tools development, and the Internet.

As a sponsor of the Desktop Summit you will:

  • Meet key contributors. You get an unique opportunity to meet the key contributors, upstream maintainers and users of the world's two leading desktop technology platforms from all around the world.
  • Influence future product direction. The Desktop Summit is the event where you get to hear the projects' plans for the next year and your chance to discuss and influence those plans.
  • Meet partners, competitors and users. You have the chance to tap into a wide range of computing and information technology markets simultaneously.
  • Company promotion. A sponsorship provides you with important promotional possibilities such as visible advertising, prominent talks, and international press coverage.
  • Advance desktop and mobile open source technologies. You support the development of new applications as the Desktop Summit will also host hacking labs and coding sessions.
  • Support open source software. You will be recognized not only as a sponsor of the event, but also a supporter of free and open source software, the GNOME and KDE projects, and of the ideals on which they are founded.

Please consult the Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure for full details of the options available.


If you would like more information or want to discuss sponsorship, please contact us: