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Registration for Workshops & BoFs Now Open

The Desktop Summit will have an exciting program of talks. But the most important part of the conference are the Workshops & BoFs. This is the part of the conference where the participants get together, discuss and work on the future of the Free Desktop.

The registration of sessions has now opened, and pre-registration is possible until July 3rd.

All forms of hands-on activities that aim to further the Free Desktop are welcomed. Examples of such sessions include BoF, project and cross-project meetings, workshops, hacking sessions and training/teaching sessions. Each session is self-organized and it is up to the hosts and participants to decide if the session is to be loosely oriented around a set of topics, or have a well-defined agenda.

The organisation committee would like to schedule as many of these sessions beforehand as possible. We expect over 1000 visitors and scheduling helps to ensure minimal overlap with other sessions and allows us to provide a clear timetable for the visitors.
The remainder of the rooms will be scheduled via the wiki but we urge you to pre-register and get a proposal in before the deadline, July 3rd!

Register your session now by going to the webpage for Workshops & BoFs.