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Call for Volunteers

The Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin, Germany Needs Your Help

Are you attending the Desktop Summit? Are you interested in helping the GNOME and KDE communities organize this year's Summit? Do you want to work with other Free Software enthusiasts to make the Desktop Summit rock? Would you like to own one of the exclusive Desktop Summit Team T-Shirts?

Then please sign up as a volunteer! We need a lot of volunteers and a variety of skills for all kinds of tasks:

  • Taking care of the registration, pre-registration, information desks and merchandising
  • Help with video recording of sessions (training provided)
  • Session chairs, to introduce speakers and manage talk rooms
  • Help with setting up the conference rooms and infrastructure
  • Moderators for the Lightning Talk sessions
  • Help with the soccer game (among others, we are still looking for a referee!)
  • Runners & porters
  • Door keepers for the social events (e.g., check badges, provide directions)
  • Manning press room
  • Other jobs which might come up

If you are interested in helping out, please add your name to this Wiki page, the time and days you are available, and your Desktop Summit username (please add your phone number to the user profile page). Please also tell us the languages you speak and whether you are a local (or otherwise know Berlin well).

Everybody attending the conference is welcome to help. It doesn't matter where you are from, how old you are, whether you have ever attended a Free Software conference, or have ever been in Berlin. As long as you can communicate in English, you can contribute as a volunteer

We'll do what's necessary to minimize the workload for everybody, but expect that your help will be needed for at least a couple of hours on a few days.

If you want to volunteer, please add your name to the Wiki page before July 18th. This allows us to plan. If you sign up later, you are welcome too, but it would be of great help for you to do this before July 18th.

The GNOME and KDE communities would like to thank all volunteers in advance

If you have any questions, please contact or join us on #desktopsummit on freenode.