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Keynote Interview: Thomas Thwaite

Thomas Thwaite, designer and technologist, will be a featured keynote speaker at this summer's Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin.

Thomas is perhaps best known through his Toaster Project. The Toaster Project was an attempt to build a toaster from raw, self-mined materials. The project exposed the complexity of seemingly simple and everyday technology. It leaves us to wonder how technology will change our lives in the future, and shows how we all need others to get even simple products.

Desktop Summit 2011 Conference Program Announced

Biggest Free Desktop event with more than 170 talks to take place in Berlin

The Desktop Summit 2011 Team is pleased to announce this year's conference program, featuring over 170 exciting presentations from key contributors to GNOME and KDE, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and beyond. The conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 6 to 12 August. It will feature more than 170 talks on topics as diverse as desktop and mobile applications, developing for tablets, community management and accessibility. The conference focuses on cooperation and shared interests of the Free Desktop community.

You can view the detailed conference program here:

T-shirt Competition

The Desktop Summit team is looking for T-shirt designs for this year's Summit in Berlin. We want designs that go beyond your typical conference shirt, which for some people, finds its final resting place in the closet or drawer once you have returned home. We're looking for designs that reflect the passion and energy of the Free Desktop communities that The Desktop Summit represents.

The selected design will be made available for purchase to the 1000+ expected attendees. The money raised from the sale will be used to support The Desktop Summit.

Please see the rules for submission details.