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T-shirt Competition

The Desktop Summit team is looking for T-shirt designs for this year's Summit in Berlin. We want designs that go beyond your typical conference shirt, which for some people, finds its final resting place in the closet or drawer once you have returned home. We're looking for designs that reflect the passion and energy of the Free Desktop communities that The Desktop Summit represents.

The selected design will be made available for purchase to the 1000+ expected attendees. The money raised from the sale will be used to support The Desktop Summit.

Please see the rules for submission details.

Information for designers

How many times can I enter the contest?
More than zero. ;-)

Will the designs only be used on t-shirts?
The primary purpose of the design is for t-shirts however we may choose to use it on a number of different types of merchandise, such as mugs and so on.

How long will the designs be available for sale?
Most likely only during the Desktop Summit in August.

What license does my design need to be available in?
All designs must be submitted under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

What colours can I use in my design?
You can use any colours you want, although we recommend that the design is not prominantly blue or green as these are the colours of KDE and GNOME, respectively. The t-shirts will be printed using screen printing, so please try to restrict yourself to using up to four solid colours (screens).

What colour will the shirt be?
Actually, two different colours will be used for the t-shirts, one for conference attendees and one for the Desktop Summit Team. Please choose the two colours that best fit your design, keeping in mind that these may need to be changed due to availability. The t-shirts must not be blue or green for the above mentioned reasons. Black and white are also discouraged.

Should the design contain referances to the Desktop Summit and its location?
Yes. You could do this with the text "Desktop Summit" or the logo along with "Berlin", "2011" well integrated into the design .

How big should the images be?
The maximum dimensions of the print will be about 20 cm wide by 30 cm tall but your design must be scalable.

Where will my design be printed on the T-shirt?
The T-shirts will be printed only on the front

What are the rules?
See below

Who are the judges?
The final design will be chosen by the Desktop Summit Team.


  1. The Desktop Summit T-Shirt Contest is designed to choose one design for the Desktop Summit merchandise to be sold at the Desktop Summit in Berlin and promote the summit. Judges will choose winning entries in accordance with these requirements and guidelines.
  2. The Contest is open to all individuals who have agreed to these Rules (“Participants”).
  3. Submissions should be received before 23.55 15th May UTC (extended)
  4. Participants must submit their design by email to All entries must be submitted in SVG format. When submitting the participant must certify that it is their own work and available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  5. The contest will be judged by the Desktop Summit Team. The decision of the Desktop Summit Team in this matter is final and binding. Modifications to the design to conform to branding or printing constraints may be required.
  6. The winner of the Contest will be gifted 2 t-shirts with the winning design. The winner may choose the size(s).
  7. The winning design will be announced in the lead up to the conference.