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Winning organisations over to free software

Real Name of Submitter: 
Knut Yrvin
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Qt at Nokia
Short Bio: 

Knut Yrvin is co-founder of Skolelinux and a Community Manager at Qt Development Framework, Nokia. Skolelinux is now a part of Debian Edu. Yrvin started his career at Telenor back in 1986. He graduated with an engineering degree in electronics in 1992 and Masters degree in Computer Science & System Development in 2000. Yrvin has since worked in various businesses from Telecom to consultancy and education.

Talk Abstract: 

There have been many attempts to get free software onto desktop systems in businesses and public institutions in the last decade. The success is still limited even if we got certain success in education and in fast growing economies as Brazil, India, Russia and China.

Real life trials shows that ordinary users like the GNU+Linux desktop. Computer maintainers say they just use half the time maintaining free software compared with the proprietary alternatives. Even after having the upper hand on all important procurement parameters, most organisations go for a proprietary solution, disregarding practical real life evaluations when acquiring a computer solution. Yrvin explains how to get out of this stalemate, zero-sum situation. The talk are intended for all, including experienced and non-experienced free software users and developers.

Knut Yrvin has been helping municipalities, cities and states switching to free software for a decade. He got first hand experience why excellent free software developers fail when meeting ordinary users and single minded computer maintenance staff. He has been directly involved in countless cases where free software wins on technical merit, with lower Total Cost of Ownership and with positive user experience.