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Network and Location Awareness in Your Application

Real Name of Submitter: 
Dan Williams
Company or Project Affiliation: 
NetworkManager and ModemManager (employed by Red Hat, Inc)
Short Bio: 

Daniel C. B. Williams is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat with a focus on networking from hardware and drivers to userland and experience. He was hired to work on OpenOffice, started NetworkManager during the usability dark years, was loaned to OLPC for a while, and subsequently began wrestling the Linux networking stack into finishing-move position.

Talk Abstract: 

With 24/7 connectivity from their couch to the train on their morning commute, users increasingly want network- and location-aware applications and services. Without more intelligence about networking, connections, and location, it's hard for applications to make the right choices about what features to offer at any given time. This talk will show you how to make use of NetworkManager, ModemManager, and related higher-level frameworks to determine what physical network media is used, what kind of network connection is present, how to display network status, and to read basic geo-location information, all helping to make your app become more aware of the network. From using pure D-Bus to frameworks like geoclue and KDE's Solid, you'll learn how to help your users out by including network intelligence and location awareness. If you develop desktop applications or frameworks and you have a modest knowledge of D-Bus, C/C++, and some GNOME or KDE application development experience, this talk might be for you!