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GStreamer 1.0

Real Name of Submitter: 
Wim Taymans and Edward Hervey
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Collabora Multimedia
Short Bio: 

Wim Taymans is the co-creator and current maintainer of GStreamer, focusing on maintaining and extending the core of GStreamer. He also contributed to other systems as part of developing GStreamer, including glib, pulseaudio and the ALSA sound system. He is a co-founder of Collabora Multimedia. Wim has a computer science graduate of the Katholieke Universteit in Leuven, Belgium.

Edward Hervey is a core GStreamer developer, his goals in life are to ensure it gets used in as many use-cases, devices and platforms as possible. He is a Technical Lead and co-founder of Collabora Multimedia, where he thrives pushing open-source multimedia and converting Industry leaders to using open-source technologies. Edward has a Master in CS from the EPITECH school of enginnering in Paris, France.

Talk Abstract: 

GStreamer 1.0 is scheduled for the end of the year. This talk will go over what it brings for applications and desktop environments. This talk is intended mainly for developers, but users will also be interested in knowing what it means for them in the long run.

Since the 0.10.0 release in 2005, GStreamer has been used in an ever increasing range of applications, platforms, devices and use-cases. While the API/ABI stability and ever-increasing range of features it provides enabled it to spread so extensively, there were areas and use-cases that required breaking the API/ABI.

During this talk Wim Taymans and Edward Hervey will explain the main changes that GStreamer 1.0 brings to applications and plugin writers and how this helps solving existing and new use-cases in a more efficient manner. They will also demonstrate some use cases that were not possible previously, or that were cumbersome to use.