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Extend your KDE application with QML

Real Name of Submitter: 
Artur de Souza
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Short Bio: 

Linux user since 1997, MoRpHeUz (a.k.a. Artur de Souza) worked for IBM (Linux Technology Center) and actually works for INdT (Nokia’s Institute of Technology) as a researcher at the openBossa stream, developing open-source solutions for mobile devices. He is also a KDE developer and tries to spread the KDE spirit anywhere he goes.

Talk Abstract: 

QML easily allows any application to have a rich and fluid UI. KDE has Plasma for a couple of years now and after providing a library that enables the development of "next generation" shells for desktops, netbooks and phones, Plasma's developers are now looking into enabling the use and integration of QML into KDE technologies.

After years of experience using a canvas to create all the UI of these shells, the Plasma team started integrating QML with KDE, allowing the use of it across the whole project. In order to achieve this it was necessary to extend QML and create UI components that could be used by other applications, avoiding code duplication and inconsistency between them.

During this talk we will discuss how QML was extended, the development of UI components for KDE (that followed Qt-components' development) and how you can use QML in your application and still have proper integration with the rest of the KDE environment (widgets, i18n, icons, Plasma's dataengines and services, etc..)