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Design Thinking and how the Free Desktop may benefit from it

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Clemens N. Buss
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Clemens N. Buss is using Linux since 1998 but only got involved into Gnome actively through 2008's Summer of Code. Even though being a physicist by training he always had a huge interest in user-centric design which brought him to studies at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam. During that time already he co-founded the Berlin based Design Thinking agency inventedhere with friends from D-School in Potsdam. Today he works partly for inventedhere and his PhD in theoretical physics.

Talk Abstract: 

Design Thinking is a powerful methodology to identify and address a user's latent needs. It is executed in a flexible space and makes use of the diversity of multidisciplinary teams. As a third ingredient it incorporates a sophisticated process, which helps to stay focused on the challenge, set free creativity and encourage early prototypes.

This talk gives detailed account of Design Thinking as a whole and how the Free Desktop specifically may benefit from it. Here, the range includes the design of a great interface experience for the end-user as well as questions around the open source development process and the community.

It is a follow up to last year's GUADEC Workshop and lightning talk by the same speaker and is connected to the Design Thinking Workshop happening at the summit.