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Why are we here?

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Stuart Jarvis
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Stuart Jarvis started using KDE software in 2003 and began working with the KDE Promotion Team in 2008 by writing articles for KDE's news website, KDE.News. He gradually got drawn into greater involvement with the promotion team activities such as writing KDE's release announcements became an editor with KDE.News in 2009. In 2010 he became a member of KDE e.V. and KDE's Marketing Working Group and he represents KDE in the EU-funded ALERT research project.

Stuart is mainly concerned with keeping KDE's contributors and supporters up to date with the latest happenings in the community. He also tries to raise the profile of KDE outside of our core community by writing about KDE software for the Linux and technology press.

Talk Abstract: 

What is the why of KDE? Why do we do what we do?

Those are questions that KDE contributors may answer in many different ways, but common answers include the words "freedom" and "fun". We know, individually, why we do what we do. What we sometimes lack is a coherent story that we can present to the outside world and use as a guide for our own efforts.

In the talk, I will ask what it means to be part of KDE and when software qualifies as KDE software. We used to know what KDE was, but that definition has been blurred. KDE is changing and we now have KDE software that does not use the KDE Frameworks and ambitions for greater use of the KDE Frameworks beyond KDE software.

As we become bigger and more diverse, how do we maintain the common purpose that is essential to our individual sense of belonging to a larger whole? How do we explain that to people in the outside world and persuade them to use our software and join our community?