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We're a family! -- How five years of University Collaboration changed our town landscape

Real Name of Submitter: 
Kevin Ottens
Short Bio: 

Kevin Ottens is a long term hacker of the KDE community. He contributed to the KDE Platform at large, with a strong emphasis on API design and frameworks architecture. Graduating in 2007, he owns a PhD in computer science which led him to particularly work on ontologies engineering and multi-agent systems. Kevin's job at KDAB includes developing research projects around KDE technologies. He still lives in Toulouse where he serves as part time teacher in his former university.

Talk Abstract: 

Eight years ago, Kevin Ottens was a student at the IUP ISI (Software Engineering) course of study in Toulouse University. As such, he had to go through a long six months student project which ended up in limbo. The very next year, he ended up mentoring such unused projects...

Fast forward two years, he pushed the course of study to embrace Free Software communities (KDE in particular) for those projects. He's been teaching the Free Software ways to his students for five years now.

Come and witness how those projects influenced the global Free Software community, how they impacted the local Free Software landscape, and how they boosted students personal and professional lives. We'll particularly focus on the different career paths without being short on funny anecdotes.

Five generations of students and former students of the IUP ISI will be on stage to tell you this story. Five generations, parts of the same family.