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UI Design in a Cloud of Diverse Devices

Real Name of Submitter: 
Claire Rowland
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Fjord London
Short Bio: 

Claire Rowland is Head of Research at Fjord London, an international digital service design agency. She has worked for 13 years in user experience research and design, with companies such as Flow Interactive, Razorfish, Credit Suisse and the Press Association.

Talk Abstract: 

An exploration in designing for cross-platform and cloud experiences. The axis of user experience has shifted away from the desktop toward services delivered through multiple platforms of widely differing form factors and the cloud. What does this mean for what users expect from their devices? What does effective design, across platforms and the cloud, look like?

This talk is not about detailed device usability, but about what makes a usable service. It also addresses what users increasingly care about the most,and what this means for Operating Systems.