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Towards Marble 2.0 - the journey around a virtual globe

Real Name of Submitter: 
Torsten Rahn
Company or Project Affiliation: 
basysKom GmbH
Short Bio: 

Torsten Rahn is a Qt Specialist at basysKom ( He has been an active KDE core developer since more than 10 years and has seen the KDE project from almost all kinds of angles during that time.

Torsten is also the founder and lead developer of the popular KDE / Qt application Marble ( Marble is a virtual globe, world atlas and a geographical mapping framework. Torsten's focus is on engineering robust, durable and maintainable solutions and on the creation of easy to use applications with an attractive user interface.

Since more than 2 years Torsten has been involved with MeeGo specific development. He is currently involved with the Qt Components project for MeeGo.

Talk Abstract: 

In September 2006 the initial source code of the Marble Virtual Globe entered the KDE repository. Since then it has attracted a growing developer community which has turned Marble into an amazing piece of software. With KDE 4.6 Marble has reached the magic version number 1.0: Nowadays Marble covers a wide range of use-cases: Marble 1.0 features advanced routing, turn-by-turn navigation support, Marble can serve as an educational tool and Marble's software library has been used for scientific studies.

During this session we will take a quick look at the current state of Marble on the desktop and on mobile platforms (such as the Nokia N900 and MeeGo). Starting from there we will have a look at the challenge how Marble can reinvent itself: We discuss the new road map towards the next big mile stone "Marble 2.0". And we will show our plans how use cases and features such as OpenGL, Panoramic views and augmented reality can find their way into Marble.