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They call us crazy, but we store Contacts in Tracker

Real Name of Submitter: 
Mathias Hasselmann
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Short Bio: 

Mathias is a software developer at Openismus. He studied computer science at Humboldt University Berlin and spent countless hours on improving the Linux desktop, especially GNOME. He participated in development of the Maemo5 addressbook. Today he helps building the Tracker backend of QtContacts, which will power the addressbook of Nokia's Meego phone.

Talk Abstract: 

Storing contacts in RDF is far from trivial. People will call you nuts for not using a plain text file instead. Still the result is rewarding.

You will learn about the benefits of this solution. You'll hear the stories of all the challenges we faced during development of qtcontacts-tracker. This talk should be interesting for everyone curious to see RDF and SPARQL leaving their academic habitat, facing cruel world of mobile computing. This project also shows how people from cooperate, GNOME and KDE world work together, aiming for the sky.