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ownCloud - The next logical step for the free software world

Real Name of Submitter: 
Frank Karlitschek
Company or Project Affiliation: 
KDE / hive01 gmbh
Short Bio: 

Frank Karlitschek was born 1973 and lives in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a KDE contributor since 2001. Frank worked in the artist team and is the maintainer of, and the network. At Akademy 2008 he presented the vision of the Social Desktop. He founded the ownCloud project, Open-PC and the Bretzn initiative. Frank a board member and the treasurer of KDE e.V.

Talk Abstract: 

The advantages of storing data in the cloud are many: ubiquitous access to data from multiple devices, social interaction with millions of others on the web and no extra software to install. However, the data is often owned by several different organizations, which don't easily allow interaction or sharing of data among them. Besides these convenience issues, there are also problems with privacy and security as well as the potential for one hardware failure to make the data of thousands of users impossible to access. Taken together, the cloud is not perfect.

ownCloud solves this problems because it is designed to run on the server or computer of the user. So the user has the benefits of cloud computing but controls the data. ownCloud integrates perfectly with KDE desktop applications so that the users has cloud features combined with the power of KDE applications.

This talk presents the current state of ownCloud and the plans for ownCloud 2.0 and 3.0