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Massif Visualizer - Memory Profiling UI

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Milian Wolff
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Short Bio: 

Born and raised in Berlin, Milian Wolff studies Physics at the FU Berlin. With 14 he started writing code for the web and eventually found his way into KDE. First as a user and active promoter but finally also by contribution code. He has since become a core developer of Kate, the beloved application and reusable editor component. His pet project of choice though is KDevelop, whhich he is comaintaining these days.

Talk Abstract: 

Even though memory gets cheaper and cheaper, it is still a good idea for many developers to investigate time in optimizing the memory consumption of their applications. One way to do that is by using the powerful and widely known Massif tool of the Valgrind suite.

While Massif and Valgrind have been around for a long time, a decent visualization UI for the generated data fields was still missing - until recently. In my talk I want to introduce Massif Visualizer, an application filling the gap. It was already successfully used by many professional developers, but should also be handy for many others as well.

During the presentation I will shortly walk through using Massif on an application and then concentrate on Massif Visualizer and how it helps in evaluating the output generated by Valgrind and Massif.