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Making and Distributing Games

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Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen and Arjen Hiemstra
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Dan or more commonly leinir is a software engineer and fur, currently employed by the Calligra based KO GmbH. Arjen Hiemstra is a software engineer and larper, also working for KO. Both are members of the Gluon team, and share a vision of easy game creation, distribution and playing.

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Game construction and distribution in the free software world has traditionally been a difficult one, which does not fit well with the sporadic needs for updates and the fickle nature of inspiration as often required by such artistic endeavours. Gluon and the social gaming network aim to help fix this. Using Gluon Creator, we show how game creation can be both simple and powerful at the same time, and with and Gluon Player we show how these games are played on multiple platforms at the same time. Live demos will happen and audience participation will be welcome!