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LightDM: Cross Desktop Display Manager

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Robert Ancell
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Robert Ancell is a GNOME developer, Ubuntu user and employee at Canonical Ltd. He is primarily interested in the free software desktop and works on a number of projects including Simple Scan, GNOME Games, GCalctool and LightDM.

Talk Abstract: 

LightDM is a new display manager (or login screen from a users point of view) that has been designed to be cross-desktop. This talk introduces the project, discusses the design and encourages listeners to get involved. A presentation will show how simple it is to write a GUI for LightDM and demonstrate GUIs using different toolkits.

You can find more information about LightDM at

Attend this talk if you are:
- Interested in making/modifying login screens.
- Distributions/projects interested in using LightDM.
- Display manager/X/Wayland developers interested in working together to share the maintenance of the display manager.