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Krita: the making of an artist's tool

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Boudewijn Rempt
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Boudewijn is the maintainer of the Krita painting application since 2003 ( He is also a part-time sculptor (

Talk Abstract: 

Last year, Krita ( finally left the "promising, but not there yet" state and went into the "ready for artists" state. This would never have happened without the input of artists and the cooperation with people from other graphics projects, like gegl and mypaint. The Libre Graphics Meeting played and continues to play an important role as well. This presentation will look at the way the wide world around a project has a decisive influence on the development of a a free software application. I will show the evolution of Krita through this process, both the user interface evolution and the decisions behind it, and the work artists have been creating with Krita. In the end, the audience will have a solid feel for where Krita is now, where it will be heading as well as what it takes a free software project to get there.

There were no formal slides for this presentation. Boud's talk was given against a backdrop of images from the Krita Gallery.