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KDE Platform 4 Roadmap

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Aaron Seigo
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In June 2011, a development sprint called Platform 11 was held in Randa, Switzerland. It focused exclusively on the KDE Platform with some 25 participants coming together over the course of the week. The last such sprint in terms of focus, length and size was held in Trysil, Norway five years ago. In those intervening five years, many things transpired: Trolltech was purchased by Nokia, Qt development opened up, mobile form factors became more critical, KDE Platform 4 saw 7 major releases and new frameworks matured.

It was an opportunity to take a probing look into the current demands and future directions for the platform. Roadmaps were drawn up, plans were made and work has since started on implementing them.

This interactive presentation will offer an overview of the results of Platform 11 and delve into the details of the resulting efforts that are of interest to the audience. A panel made up of Platform 11 participants will be on-hand to present this information and take your questions.

By examining plans for the shared infrastructure that lies beneath KDE applications, we hope to expand awareness of, increase participation in and solidify a future for the KDE Platform.