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GTK 4 - the future of your favorite toolkit

Real Name of Submitter: 
Benjamin Otte, Matthias Clasen
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Red Hat Inc
Short Bio: 

Since his entry into the Free Software world in 2002 Benjamin Otte has continually tried to make computers more fun. Last year, he teamed up with Red Hat and is hard at work overhauling the way things are drawn on your desktop and in particular the GTK toolkit. When he's not busy looking at his terminal, he enjoys hanging out on IRC and

Matthias Clasen is leading the core desktop team at Red Hat. He has been the leading maintainer of GTK+ and GLib for a long time now and expects to continue doing GTK+ releases until retirement. If he doesn't write patches for random GNOME modules or builds Fedora packages, he drives his kids to hockey games, guitar lessons, etc.

Talk Abstract: 

With the work culminating in the release of GTK 3, the development pace of GTK+ has increased a lot. With active development come a lot of ideas about the future of the toolkit.

Among other topics will certainly be when to do GTK4, how to integrate with all the hot new low-level features from gestures to Wayland, living with Clutter and how to capture the mobile market.

While we will present our ideas, we also seek input from the audience. We intend to give this talk more of a BoF character and seek input about our ideas or suggestions of things we are missing. So if you are a developer using GTK or just interested to talk about the future of your favorite toolkit, we'll be happy to talk with you.