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GNOME & KDE - Working towards better collaboration by learning from each others rights and wrongs

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Seif Lotfy and Lydia Pintscher
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Short Bio: 

Lydia Pintscher is a student of computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Among other things she is a member of KDE’s Community Working Group and administrates KDE’s mentoring programs.

Seif Lotfy is the initiator of the Zeitgeist Project and currently co-maintains it with his awesome team. Their work on Zeitgeist has gone cross-desktop, integrating with GNOME, KDE and Unity. Currently he is contracting for Collabora co-ordinating the overall Zeitgeist Project development, deployment and community.

Talk Abstract: 

GNOME and KDE are two big Free Software projects working in the same area - sometimes together and sometimes competing. In this talk we’d like to highlight some of the differences between the two communities and what they have in common.
The talk will cover 2 main points:
Exploring what we can learn from each other in terms of running our projects, shaping our community, interacting with other communities and businesses.
Initiating and maintaining more collaboration efforts in sharing/developing code, design and community management.