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GNOME a continent, starting from Asia.

Real Name of Submitter: 
Emily Chen
Company or Project Affiliation: 
GNOME / Oracle
Short Bio: 

Emily Chen is the Board Director of the GNOME Foundation in 2010 -2011. She founded GNOME.Asia Summit and Beijing GNOME User Group. She is working as Software Engineer in Oracle in Beijing China.

Talk Abstract: 

GNOME.Asia committee has been growing from organizing an annual conference to running different projects and establishing GNOME User Groups in different countries over the last 4 years. Emily will share her experience building communities and fail-proof leadership for GNOME on the Asian continent. Expect a lot of practical tips applicable to your local user group , or to manage release parties or conferences. Those will definitely work wonders to attract both technical and non-technical contributions to any FOSS project.

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