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Folks: Contact aggregation for Free Software

Real Name of Submitter: 
Travis Reitter
Company or Project Affiliation: 
Short Bio: 

Travis is the original designer of Folks and primary maintainer. Additionally, he has worked on other related projects which include: the Soylent people browser; Maemo 5 Contacts application and framework; Telepathy specification and GLib implementation; Evolution contacts; and project lead on Folks and QtFolks development for MeeGo Handset.

He has been a Gnome developer for several years and a full-time open source developer for a few of those with Collabora, Ltd.

Travis lives in the San Francisco bay area, California. When he's not developing software, Travis likes to run, cook, listen to music, and spend too much time playing video games. He sincerely apologizes for making anyone parse his aging high school-level German during the conference.

Talk Abstract: 

Added as an external dependency to GNOME in 2.32, libfolks brought meta-contacts support to Empathy. Since then, Folks has grown beyond just a Telepathy IM contacts aggregator and now has support for Tracker — and will soon have support for libsocialweb and evolution-data-server. Where does libfolks fit into GNOME 3.2 and KDE? How can we use libfolks and libsocialweb to integrate the desktop with social networks? To what extent can we and should we integrate the two?

This talk will demonstrate how to use libfolks to integrate the user's aggregated contacts (also known as people) in your GLib-based application. We'll also discuss and provide examples for QtFolks, our QtContacts bindings for Folks, which brings all the contact sources of Folks into your Qt-based application. We'll then explore the future of libfolks, including ideas for desktop/web integration.

The talk is aimed at GNOME and KDE developers who are interested in adding contact support to their application or in social networking integration on the desktop.