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Chris Lord, Damien Lespiau, Neil Roberts
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Chris is an engineer in Intel's Open Source Technology Center, and formerely worked at OpenedHand. He has worked on OpenedHand's Pimlico suite, the OpenMoko 2007.2 edition, and more recently, Intel's Moblin and MeeGo netbook projects.


Neil is one of the Clutter developers at Intel's Open Source Technology Center. He has been developing with the Gnome platform for a number of years with many half-finished projects. He has also contributed to the Gnome Games.


Damien is an engineer at Intel's Open Source Technology Center working on the MeeGo project. In a past life, he has been advocating GNOME libraries in companies writing proprietary software. In his spare time he enjoys writing m4 macros and raising wombats.

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The year of the Linux desktop has come and gone. Now is the year for Linux in your mobile, your tablet, your TV and your fridge. But how can you make your blingy iFart app without tying yourself to one platform whilst still taking advantage of the 3D hardware in your phone? Clutter to the rescue!

This talk targets developers needing a lightweight platform abstraction layer to build all sorts of graphical, slick-looking, accelerated applications. We will demonstrate a range of exiting(!) applications running on GNU/Linux, Windows, Android, WebOS and a very specialized System On Chip: the Intel CE 4100, a TV/Set Top Box platform

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