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Bringing Video calls to the TV - Merging Telepathy and Media-Explorer

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Dario Freddi
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With the growth of the MeeGo platform a new range of devices are now
targeted by the companies and vendors that are looking for more freedom
and flexibility using open source software. Set Top Boxes (STB) are now
not only responsible for bringing the TV signal to the users home but also
providing a new multimedia experience, with high definition content,
Internet browsing and a completely customized user interface.

MeeGo is already there, and already provides several open-source Media
Center solutions. One of which is media-explorer, a media center completely
plugin based and built upon Mx and Clutter.

Lately social networking and user communication has been growing in
importance, forcing new products to offer more and more functionality
that can let the user interact with other people. Instant messaging, media
sharing and social networks are now in the top trends of the most desirable
features to have in a multimedia device. Telepathy to the rescue!

We built a plugin which allows the user to have their contact list
and be able to initiate and receive video calls straight from within the
media center itself. The result is a great and integrated experience. In
this talk, we want to show you what we did and how we did it, and why not,
even show you the result.

Of course, this does not end here: we have a lot of ideas and lots of plans
for the future, and we want to talk about them, get your feedback, and
possibly help you get involved too.