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Blending the web and the desktop

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Xan Lopez
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Xan López is a GNOME hacker and WebKit reviewer, working for Igalia. When he's not busy traveling around the world he tries to plot unlikely plans to bring all the Web hype to our desktop. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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Blending the web and the desktop

In this talk we will present how GNOME developers can merge their
applications and our desktop with the web. We'll show how to
build applications from scratch using a combination of the latest
web technologies like CSS3, SVG and JavaScript and our beloved
and venerable platform. We will also present a sneak preview of
our plans for total integration between the Shell and Epiphany,
including: how to make popular web applications first class
citizens of our desktop, tab navigation, bookmarks and history
merged into the Shell, and much more!

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